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2022 Summer Group4 — Shun Li

Game Idea

A game that focuses on teaching anatomy by familiarizing the player with the look, name, and the primary function of different organs in the body. The game works by presenting the player with information about the organs and then testing their knowledge by getting them to shoot at targets that look like the organ.

Completed Tasks


  • Model design
  • Room design
  • Game environment
  • Design the UI of the video player on the select menu
  • The texture of the organs
  • Level design
  • Test case document
  • Game trailer


  • Text description
  • Video connect
  • Added organ focusing function for each organ in the level 1-5
  • Game testing

Game Contributions

Level Design

* Added organ focusing function to the level 1-5.
* Added and designed the organs to the level 1-5.
* Changed the position of each organ to ensure that the player can see the organs and organ focusing function in the center of the screen.

Menu Design

* Added description for each level in the level select menu.
* Connected the corresponding video for each level.
* Completed UI for the level select menu.
* Tested the level select menu on Unity and Mobil.

Gantt Chart