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Aaron Ashton Group 1 Summer 2022

About Me

Hello, my name is Aaron Ashton! I am a mechanical engineering student at Dalhousie University. I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and have lived there all my life. I have not had any game development experience prior to working at STEMWorld. During this summer I have been able to learn a lot about Unity and C# programming while working on projects with my group.

Project 1: Rocky Blast Off

Rocky Blast Off is my group’s first project and my first ever game that has been published. During this project, I was introduced to how games are developed and what planning needs to go into a project.

Rocky Blast Off is a spaceship docking simulator that is meant to give players an understanding of the physics associated with spacecrafts in a zero-gravity environment. The target audience for this game is students in grade 11-12. After completing the game, players should have an understanding of how spacecrafts function and how they are controlled. Rocky Blast Off consists of an interactive tutorial and ten levels that each present different challenges.

Project 2: A Day in the Leaf

A Day in the Leaf is my group’s second project. This gave me the opportunity to improve upon the skills I had learned from the first project.

A Day in the Leaf is a plant growing game that teaches the player how to grow several different plants and manage a farm. The player must plant the seeds for each plant and tend to its watering, fertilizing, and pesticide needs as it grows. Players gain coins and experience when they harvest healthy, fully grown plants. This allows them to unlock new plants, and to afford more seeds and supplies. The target age range for this game is children in Grades 3-6.