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Aaron Group-1 Summer 2022 Project 2

Main Menu


A Day in the Leaf is a plant growing game that teaches the player how to grow several different plants and manage a farm. The player must plant the seeds for each plant and tend to its watering, fertilizing, and pesticide needs as it grows. Players gain coins and experience when they harvest healthy, fully grown plants. This allows them to unlock new plants, and to afford more seeds and supplies. The target age range for this game is children in Grades 3-6.


I Have Worked on:

Plant Information

I was heavily involved with selecting the plants that would appear in the game and researching information about the plants to use in the game. There are thirty plants in the game, organized into four different categories: cereals, vegetables, fruits, and flowers. The information was used to decide the growing times for each plant, as well as watering times and fertilizer or pesticide needs. The information was provided in the encyclopedia and store info popups to teach the player real-life facts about the plants.


Store Menu

I spent a significant amount of time working on the UI (user interface) for the store menu. This displayed all the items that the player could buy in the game, including plants and supplies. The store has tab buttons that allow the player to switch between categories to find what they wish to buy. Each item has its own square, with an image, and buttons activating the info and buy popups. Certain plants require a minimum experience level to be unlocked, which is a feature that had to be implemented. Buying items also had to correctly update the player’s inventory and coins. There are several buttons in the store menu and it took a while to make sure that all the correct click functions were implemented.

How to Play Menu

I also put together the How to Play menu for the game. This included making sure that all aspects of the game were covered and that all the necessary images were present. The tutorial is the main method of teaching the player how to play so this menu did not need to become too detailed.

How to Play Menu

Watering, Fertilizer, and Pesticide

I also added the watering, fertilizing, and pesticide features to the game. These are actions that can be activated from the HUD (heads-up display) at the bottom of the screen. Other actions in the game are planting, tilling, and harvesting. When the watering action is active, a water bar for each plant will be visible, decreasing every second. Clicking on them while under this action will refill the water bar to the maximum value. These maximums are different for every plant. Fertilizing is controlled by two bools, one to check if a plant needs fertilizer and another to check if it has been fertilized. If a plant requires fertilizer and has not received it, it will not progress to the next growing stage. Pesticide is determined by chance. Each plant has a probability of getting pests when it reaches the second growing stage. Pesticide can be used to remove pests from plants, or protect them before they get pests. Whenever a plant requires one of these actions, a warning icon will appear. If the player does not tend to it in time, the plant will perish.

Warning icons for plant needs


After the development was completed, I prepared a trailer using clips from the game. It can be seen to the right:

Gantt Chart:

Project progress by week