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Aaron Group-1 Summer 2022 Project 1

Game Title


Rocky Blast Off is a spaceship docking simulator that is meant to give players an understanding of the physics associated with spacecrafts in a zero-gravity environment. The target audience for this game is students in grade 11-12. After completing the game, players should have an understanding of how spacecrafts function and how they are controlled. Rocky Blast Off consists of an interactive tutorial and ten levels that each present different challenges.


I have worked on:

Week 1:

This week I worked on sample UI menus, the storyboard document for the levels, the game design and scenario documents, the flow chart showing the flow of menus, and sample game themes for the game’s UI.

An early game theme concept

Week 2:

This week we compared game themes and selected one to use for the game. I worked on the UI design for the settings and how-to-play menus and began creating a sample gameplay scene. The group also began sharing our work through a repository.

Week 3:

This week I added basic physics and a 3rd-person camera to my sample scene. I then began work on level 6, which is set around Venus, creating all the necessary scenes and objects. I made transitions between scenes possible using colliders and wrote a script to allow the spaceship to travel between scenes.

Week 4:

In this week I contributed to the group’s technical design document. I also updated level 6 by adding an information popup and the game audio used throughout the game. I began working on level 10 by creating an asteroid field scene. I then added all the other gameplay elements to match the other levels. The spaceship in this level is meant to be malfunctioning so I wrote a script to make elements of the HUD disappear for random amounts of time. I added a less extreme version of this script to level 6 to simulate a “bad signal” in Venus’s thick atmosphere. I also created a heat damage script for level 6 that would heat up the spaceship depending on the scene and cause damage if it overheated.

Level 10 gameplay scene

Week 5:

This week the levels needed to be reviewed as many gameplay scripts required references to objects within the level. I added colliders to the asteroids in levels 6 and 10 so that collisions with the spaceship were possible. I imported the new spaceship models (inner and outer solar system) into both of these levels and made adjustments as needed. I also wrote a new script for level 6 to destroy the spaceship once the level was exited (a previous script saved it from destruction between scenes).

Week 6:

This week was mostly testing and reviewing the levels to fix any issues. I had to update the heat damage script for level 6 as the scripts attached to the new spaceship model were not compatible with the old one.

Gantt Chart:

Project progress by week