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Abdalla Elsebai Group-4 Summer 2022

Game Description

Anatomy Range is an FPS game where the player is a surgeon that has to identify organs then inject them with a cure in order to cure them from an infectious disease. Ultimately, only the players knowledge of organs will be able to save not just the organs, but all of humanity, as the disease is widespread. Will the player live up to their title of surgeon and save humanity, or will they leave the saving to someone else?

Tasks Completed


  • Worked on Pause Menu.
  • Worked on Level Select Menu.
  • Made small changes to the Main Menu.
  • Made changes to the Login Menu.
  • Made changes to the Register Menu.
  • Ensured UI of the game followed game blueprint.
  • Made Help screen.
  • Worked on Settings Menu.
  • Added organ information gathered to the Level Select Menu.


  • Worked on Game Design Document.
  • Worked on Technical Design Document.
  • Worked on “What Went Wrong With Anatomy Range” document.


  • Gathered information on organs.


  • Play tested the game.
  • Added test cases and test scenarios.

Work Screenshots

Gantt Chart