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Abhishek Biswas Deep Group-3 Summer 2022

Name of the game- LEARN CITY

Game intro picture

Game description

The game is an educational game and the name of the game is Learn City. There are four levels in the game. The levels are designed to introduce the player to different ages along with facing various questions at each level. Through learning different questions at different levels, the player will be able to learn concepts related to science, maths, technology, and engineering. The game is available on different mobile devices.

Job Role

My job is to do testing on mobile and report it in a template (Quality Assurance).

What have I done so far?

I first tested the game on mobile devices using the APK and wrote reports about it. I also tested the game in unity. Then after finding bugs and issues, I informed the group. Then I tested the main menu, in-game menu, level 1, level 2, level 3, and level 4 and reported it in the template. Then again, I found bugs and as a result, many test cases failed. So, I informed the group. I then finally tested the game and made sure all test cases pass and then made a final report about it in the test template.

Game trailer


This is the main menu

Main Menu

This is level 1

Level 1

This is level 2

Level 2

This is level 3

Level 3

This is level 4

Level 4

Gannt chart 1

This is my progress.

Gannt chart 2

This is my progress