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Ahmed Group-6 Summer 2022


Archi Build Game Trailer



the main menu of the game, user sees this page as the first screen and has the option to click play to start the game settings option to change the volume of the game or quit the game.

This is an architectural game. The main idea behind why we chose this is to help students engage in live learning with the help of our game to the world of architecture. It allows students to develop their math skills to calculate the force, load bearing etc. this game is designed for students in grade 8th. 
The game plot follows a user who is building a start up architectural company and wants to be the best in town. the user gets client contracts from various big builders who want to build buildings, home, offices, etc.
The user will receive the requirements for the structure and build it using his knowledge and creativity.
Barriers are introduced in the form of randomly picked criteria that get harder/harsher every level
Real time feedback in the form of warnings in the blueprint stage and warnings or collapsing structures in the building phase teaches the user that
Real time assistance is provided in the construction phase in the form of telling the user if they placed the structure correctly, in the blueprint stage hints/a system to pick the
optimal spot for support can be added to help give a better.

The Interior of the house that I made on unity. This is the kitchen with a washing machine, Dryer, fridge, stove, microwave, coffee maker, chairs, tables, wine bottle, glass, vase, oven.

This is the living room with sofas of different shapes l shape centre, right, rug, flower pot for decoration, piano, television, tv table, chairs, Dublin chair, painting, fan, light.

Different varieties of beds and closets with bed side table, blanket, pillows, drawers.

The requirement page for building the house.

Dimension setting scene

first step: setting the dimensions of the house as per the requirements

Setting floor and rooms

the game starts: user has has to add rooms and floors as per the requirements given to proceed to the next level. they can switch between 2D and 3D view of the blueprint of the house

after completing the requirements of the first floor the user can see the wireframe by clicking on the wireframe option.

Similarly for the second floor

Object list scene

Setting the dimensions of rooms, walls, roof

In the next step the user has to make the walls, floors and roof for the house as per the given requirements
once you click on the option you want it opens up on the right hand side and you can edit it

3D view of the object

Exterior of the house

you can get the inside or outside view of the house as well by clicking on the outside button

Interior of the house

The ending of the game