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Game Progression


City saver is a fun and educational game that is meant to teach all ages about the harm of waste pollution and help them discover how they can help.

During the fist few months of 2022, one other student and I have been creating a game while simultaneously expanding our knowledge on unity. I was tasked with creating a farm level where the player will have to clean and complete various tasks around the farm in order to ensure that it can produce all the necessary food



During the first two weeks we began our research on the different types of waste management and created an idea for the basic layout of our game.

After we came up with our story board we began creating the world that the game would take place in.



During the next few weeks we began to further develop the world and started the scripting of the first few tasks that the player would have to complete in order to progress through the game.



Once we were content with the base layout of our game world we moved our focus more onto the player interactions and the animations in our game.




As we moved further into the development,  I added more and more tasks that the player would complete as they progressed through the level.

By the 10th week myself and my partner Ben Andrews began to combine our projects into one completed build for testing. After the combination there were a few errors and bugs to be worked through, however after a few days we were able to get a full beta version of the game working. During this 11th week we are still working to optimize the game to give the best possible experience to anyone who wishes to play through our game on its release.


During the next few weeks we worked on fixing ay bugs that may have arisen in the game build. We also worked on adding sound effects and ambient noise to make the player experience better.


City Saver Game Levels

  • Level 1: The City
  • Level 2: The Lake
  • Level 3: Water Treatment Facility
  • Level 4: The Farm

The First level of the game is a city where the player will have to clean up waste and complete various tasks.

The Second level takes place in a lake where the player will use a boat to clean waste out of the water.

In the third level the player will complete certain tasks to get the facility back up and running.

Level 4 is The Farm where the player completes a number of tasks that will help clean the farm and make it suitable to grow crops and host animals.

Gantt Chart