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Brijesh Group-3 Summer 2022

Learn city

Learning outcomes of the project

Science: agricultural knowledge such as the growth cycle of common crops, components of common structures, properties of different materials. This is done through realistic implementation of crop growth and construction. The player will interact with different types of sustainable tools and find out how to build resources without causing any environmental damages. The player will also learn recyclable techniques for replacing resources and how to use renewable sources to power those buildings.
Mathematics: basic algebra, Number theory and Combinatorics. This is done through the quizzing function.
Technology: learn about the different advancements as age progresses. The player will discover new innovations while moving to other ages.
Engineering: Learn how to use simple and complex machines through tutorials. The player will need the technology learned from previous worlds to use those machines.

What can be expected inside the game?

The name of the game is LearnCity. This game is basically based on civilizations. It has 4 levels of civilizations. A player will play the game along with the tasks and challenges to finish the game. The educational questions and activities comprise the tasks and challenges. In the very first level, players will learn about farming and the crop cycle. In the second level, they will learn about math and solving equations, finding ratios and statistical things. In the third level, players will learn about the engineering aspect, where they will learn about infrastructure and answer the multiple choice questions. In the last level, players will play games regarding technology; they will learn about parts of the computer, basic binary codes, etc.
Some of the game you can see below :-

modern era design

This game consists of a variety of mini games with different educational concepts. As shown in the last picture, where players need to identify the infrastructure from the given set of photos and drag it to the given answer box. Similarly, we have more games based on education as shown below.

multiple choice question game

this is the modern era of the game

Complete description:

The game has a total of four different levels, where all of the levels have specific learning out of STEM.

(1) level 1

In the first level, the player will go to the farm. They will learn about the life cycle of the plants. Do they need water and fertilizer? We have 8 different plants. They have to finish all the crops in order to reach level 2. Here I will add some photos for level 1.

(2) level 2

Level 2 players will play math minigames and learn ratio, probability, statistics, linear equation solving, and other concepts. There will be many houses on the map that will be initially locked. The player has to unlock the houses one by one by playing mini-games to unlock the new house. I have added some photos for level 2 learning below.

(3) level 3

In level 3, the player will play the game of engineering and will learn some basic ideas and the concept of engineering. I’ve included some photos from the level 3 learning below.

(4) level 4

In the level 4 player will play the games on the technology.

Here the work progress and the timeline of the project development:-

What I have done?

I was one of the programmer in our team for the given project.

Here are the task have worked on.

  • Main menu game flow
  • In game menu flow 
  • Scene changing
  • Cloud transition when game starts
  • All animation of panels
  • Game flow of panels (show/hide)
  • Implemented some of the designs of mini games
  • Created 3 blank and 1 blank mini game (generalized and randomized)
  • Fixing some minor problems in mini games, Fixed drag and drop functionality (once placed then it can’t be dragged again)