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Carbons & Bonds

Carbon and Bonds provides a scenario where the student would need to construct a
chemical using organic chemistry knowledge. The players will also be introduced to atoms
and bonds that are included in organic compounds.
Players will be provided with certain amounts of different atoms(carbon, oxigen,
hydrogen), they will need to use proper chains(single chain, double chain, triple chain) to
connect all atoms to form a stable organic compound. After building a stable structure, a
description of the compound will show up, explaining physical and chemical properties of the
compound, as well as an image and application of the compound in real life.
Understanding the structure of organic compounds is one key point in organic
chemistry studies. Our game will provide a visual implementation of turning an
empirical/molecular formula of an organic compound to its molecular structure. In the
process, players will have a deeper understanding about shared chains, saturated outer
shell electrons, and isomerism

My first task of the project was to do all the UI for the main menu, the level selection screen, the settings menu and the pause menu. So, for the main menu I added a section for How to Play so the player or student have a better understanding of the gameplay. In the level selection menu I added 6 levels because thats how many we are thinking of adding. Also, for the settings menu, I was thinking it would be nice to add a volume option so that if the player doesn’t want music he can control that and also the resolution.

This is my second task where I had to work on the Gameplay UI. I did a basic UI to implement the script behind placing objects, generatic a grid so the movement of the object is smoother and also verifying the placement so that 2 objects don’t collide with each other. Also, in my script, for the objects I did an array as for the other game to ease the implementation and addition to our atoms and bonds to the game.

For this I had to do the 3D models for the atoms and the bonds, so I added different to everytone to help differentiate them and different colours too so they appear different too. For the atoms, I had the idea to carve the letter in the sphere but it didn’t work so I just put the letter on them. Later, I did modify them to be all centered in Blender and some letters we could barely see so I fixed that too.

For this one, I had to do a script where the player could modify the position of a selected atom or even remove it. I, also, added a outline to the object when it is selected so that the player knows which one is selected. In addition I had to add a UI for the pop-up for the selected Object. In the UI, you have the options to move or remove the object also it says the name of the object at the top of it.

I did a script that would display the atoms that are available to the player depending on the level he is on right now.

After that, I worked with the others to implement the dialogue system that I did for our previous game, and we worked on the dialogue content too, including a description for each atoms and bonds and explanation on how to play the game. We also did a lot of debugging the game to search for errors. We found some and fixed them right away. At the end, I did the Game Icon and the screenshots for the App Store, and also upgraded our UI to be better looking and less buggy.

At this point, below is our game flow according to our gamplay.

This is our game icon to access our game.

This is the main menu. You can select the Play button if you are ready to play or you can go to How to Play or you can go to Settings.

If you selected How to Play, this is the How to Play Menu that I did. It explains the basics of the gameplay and everything.

This the Settings Menu where you have the option to lower the volume.

If in the Main Menu you select Play, you will go to the Level selection Menu where you can choose the level that you want.

After you selected the 1st level, you will be directed to it where a help dialogue will start and explain the basics of organic chemistry and how to play too. On the Left you have the Atoms and on the Left you have the Bonds. You can Place the atoms by selecting the one that you want to place, then to place a bond, you need to select the type of bond that you want then select the 2 atoms that will be using that bond.

If you select the switch mode button, you will need to select the atom that you want to move or remove then on the right there will be a pop-up with the options.

Anytime you need a hint or help, you can select the hint button where you will see with real time update how many of which atom you need and bonds too. You can also replay the help dialogue or return to the main menu. Once you are done with the compound and you follow the requirements for it you can select Finish Level.

After you are done with the level, you will see the level complete screen where there will be 2 images of the compound and a description of it. When you are ready you can go to the next one and there will be 6 levels to complete to end the game.