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Chanuth Group-4 Summer 2022

Anatomy Range

Game Idea

Anatomy range takes place in a world where organs are being infected by a viral disease. This game is designed for students in grade 5 taking a science course about the human body. As the player, you must shoot the organs with the injector to apply the antidote. Students inspect and learn about the organs in order to correctly shoot them. The complementary videos which go along with each organ, give students a fundamental understanding of what each organ in the body does and where it is located.

This is an image of the player viewing an organ. The player has the option to inspect the organ by moving it around with their finger and afterwards, they can watch the respective video for the organ and learn about where it is located and its function.

List of Tasks Completed:

  • Research for organs

  • Texture for models

  • Video images

  • Story option in the menu

  • Organ modelling

  • Game music/sound effects

  • Scene modelling

  • Animation

Ganntt Chart


Models include:

  • Toy gun

  • MRI Machine

  • heart

  • pancreas

  • x-ray

  • liver

  • kidney

  • pancreas

  • iv machine

  • lungs

  • stethoscope

  • spleen

  • scissor

  • anesthesia machine

  • Bladder

Story Cutscene in Unity

This is the story option I created which appears before the start of the first level. I added animation in with the text and models which appear throughout the cutscene to make the cutscene engaging using unity script to transform those objects.