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Evan Cestnick Group-4 Summer 2022

Game Description

In Anatomy Range players are presented with organs that they can inspect. While inspecting the organ the player is shown text and video teaching the player about the name, look, and primary functions of the organ. After the player is familiarized with the organ they are given a choice between 10 targets that look like different organs. In order to win the player must be able to identify which target matches the organ they just learned about, and shoot it with an injector.

Game Logic

Using Unity’s C# scripting, I was able to build multiple of the game’s core mechanics. I used random number generation and predetermined spawn points to make the organs spawn in random positions, creating a different experience every time you replay a level. I used raycasting and tag comparison to determine when a correct target is hit or not. And using Unity’s player preferences system, I created a high-score mechanic that saves your high-score for each level, so that it can be viewed later from the level select menu.

Animation & Particle Effects

By leveraging Unity’s built-in tools, I was able to add animations and effects that make Anatomy Range feel more immersive. I added raise and lower animations to the hands and the injector to make the inspection mechanic feel more responsive to the player. I also added particle effects to the shooting mechanic to give feedback to the player about their shot. Most importantly, I added idle animations to the hands and the injector. While such a small movement might seem insignificant, subtle idle animations make a game feel more lively by making the environment seem less rigid.

Other Screenshots

Tasks Completed


  • Creating player and camera movement systems
  • Detecting when a shot hits a target
  • Making the targets randomly spawn and re-shuffle when the incorrect target is hit
  • Converting the controls to mobile on screen controls
  • Created a high-score save system that allows the high-scores to be displayed in the level select menu
  • Added functionality to the settings menu


  • Creating the initial game environment
  • Gathering materials for the game environment
  • Creating particle effects for shots and target hits
  • Creating a star score system on the HUD
  • Created a win/loss screen with buttons I made using GIMP
  • Making animations for the hands, toy gun, and stars


  • Kept the team on track and organized
  • Handled merge conflicts and pull requests
  • Play testing and debugging