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Save The Water

Game Development Project


Game Idea

"Save The Water" is a first-person player game where the player takes on a mission of reducing water waste of his city. By seeing his effort of protecting the environment, the city council approaches him and asks him to help them in generating clean drinking water to the people of this city. He is then provided with a Modern Industrial building where he builds new machines to purify water. He keeps working on building new machines to purify water at a better rate.

Snapshots of Work

Industrial Building


Game Ui Design


Industrial Machines


Task Completed

  • Created a Main Menu Game UI
  • Added game story at the start of game
  • Created a Intro Cutscene
  • Built two industrial Buildings
  • Imported game objects from Asset Store
  • Created a pause menu
  • Added sound and music
  • Added Buttons and Game Animations
  • Created a Shopping System
  • Created an Inventory System
  • Designed an office room
  • Designed a city around the industrial building
  • Designed a water reservoir in the building to store water
WPPB Image Addons

Faysal Project Work

I have built two industrial buildings so far and have imported various industrial machines and equipment into the buildings, which will be used in the game to purify and filtrate water. I have also worked on creating a shop and an inventory menu. From the menu menu, the player will be able to buy different machines. A coin system has been introduced in the game which will used to buy the items from the shop. 

Once the items are bought, they will be added in the inventory list. From the inventory list, the player will be able to place that items/Objects in the game. The items/objects will be used to complete the task assigned to the player.

Time Spent on Completing Each Task