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Felix Group 6 Summer 2022 Archi-Build

STEMWorld Group 6 work: Archi-Build

Players will learn to construct a building, from land use design, structure design, and to interior design. They will get to know multiple different construction materials and their different usage based on their physical properties. They will also learn important construction princeples when progressing in the game. In the game, we have a point system that evaluates player’s work by completeness and time.

Start Game Page:
Players can adjust game volume through Settings.

In this construction game, players are going to design and build a house based on client’s requirement.
Player need to plan the land use, number of floors and location of particular room, add various interior objects to fulfill your customer’s wish.

Land Use Page:
Player set the dimension of the land use of the house at a construction site.

House Blueprint Page:
Player need to add floors and rooms, adjust the room size to meet clients requirement.
There is also a check list player can refer that which requirements they have accomplished.
After finished required objects, players can add more structures inside (stairs, hallway) to make the house more complete.

ObjectList Page:
After finishing all floor design, players will need to build objects for all rooms. The object list are randomly generated for players to build their house. Players need to click each and finish each obejcts in a building mode, after completing one, it will show up at right side.

Interior Design Page:

Players can add interior design, changing texture of walls and floors.

End Game Page:
Through the efforts of the player, a beautiful house is built and your client is satisfied! Thanks for playing!