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Felix Yifei Zong – Group 6

Candidate of Bachelor of Applied Mathematics at University of Waterloo

Archi-Build – STEMWorld Intern Group 6 (May 16 – July 5)

Players will learn to construct a building, from land use design, structure design, and to interior design. They will get to know multiple different construction materials and their different usage based on their physical properties. They will also learn important construction princeples when progressing in the game. In the game, we have a point system that evaluates player’s work by completeness and time.

Carbons & Bonds – STEMWorld Intern Group 6 Subgroup 2 (July 19 – August 26)

Carbons and Bonds provides a scenario where the student would need to construct a chemical using organic chemistry knowledge. The players will also be introduced to atoms and bonds that are included in organic compounds.
Players will be provided with certain amounts of different atoms(carbon, oxigen, hydrogen), they will need to use proper chains(single chain, double chain, triple chain) to connect all atoms to form a stable organic compound. After building a stable structure, a description of the compound will show up, explaining physical and chemical properties of the compound, as well as an image and application of the compound in real life.