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Ismael Ouadria Group-5 Summer 2022 Graphitect

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Game Trailer

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Game Overview

Graphitect, an educational blend between picross and traditional graphing, is a fantastic new game designed to help grade 10 – 12 students solidify their grasp over mathematical functions. In this game, students take upon the role of an architect whose job is to construct a city. With the power of the Graphing machine, students must use their knowledge of functions to create lines which match the building silhouettes provided to them on blueprint. From skyscrapers to trees, Graphitect employs a wide range of functions to create various structures, thus helping students better understand functions as a whole.

Game Contributions

  • Designed the graphing section’s Input UI
    • Implemented the sliders that control the coefficient values
    • Implemented the toggle box component for specific components at specific instances for specific components
    • Implemented a dropdown menu which allows the player to select the type of line that they would like to use
    • Implemented a dynamic text box which displays the general formula of the player’s chosen function, and changes as per the user’s choice of line type
  • Worked on the Input UI’s functionality
    • Introduced script changes which modified the appearance of the input UI along with the sliders and toggles at the player’s disposal depending on their chosen function
  • Created numerous building animations for each building and tree type
    • Integrated a construction animation and an idle animation for each child prefab
    • Made a complex model particle animation with various effects such as prewarming and texture rendering
    • Individually arranged each and every particle system instance within the gameworld to make for more realistic and error-free animations
    • Transformed, rotated, and scaled each particle system instance to simulate real-life construction dust
  • Synthesized the game’s sound effect
    • Used a keyboard-like software to compose a brief yet pleasant melody that plays upon the player’s successful completion of a level
    • Implemented the sound effects into each animation instance and modified their timing using animation events
  • Designed, modified, and scripted the tutorial’s dialogue
    • Utilized a game dialogue software to create a JSON file housing the intricate tutorial script, along with its corresponding choices and gather tags
  • Implemented the tutorial system’s UI
    • Created dynamic tutorial UI containing elements that appear, disappear, or move at specific instances of the tutorial dialogue
  • Integrated the tutorial system within the game to guide the player through the various inputs
    • Created a C# script to manage the entire flow of the tutorial section, including preventing and enabling progression depending on the player’s actions, as well as hiding specific UI components during specific dialogue events
  • Recorded the tutorial and initial gameplay for the Graphitect’s supplementary walkthrough
  • Tested the game for bugs and errors
  • Updated the GDD/TDD documents as game development progressed