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Humnah Younus Group-2(Summer 2022)


Pizza. One! Two! Three! is a game designed to teach elementary school students about fractions. The student will decorate their pizza according to the customer’s order and then slice it into even pieces. When designing the game we want the students to be able to:

  • explain that a fraction represents a part of a whole
  • describe situations in which fractions are used
  • explain the role of the numerator and denominator in a fraction.
  • identify different fractions and what they represent
  • name common fractions, i.e., ½ is a half and 1/3 is a third


Every member of the team contributed to every aspect of the game. From programming to graphic design, we all did a little bit. A list of my tasks can be found below:

  • Technical Document Writer
  • Chart and Diagram Illustrator
  • Game Tester
  • Animator

My main role in the group was technical document writer. Prior to this opportunity, I had little to no knowledge about game design. Thus, my first step when starting a document was to create a template or guideline. This helped me understand what needed to be written as well as identify the gaps in my knowledge. I reached out to the members of my to fill said gaps and did my own research to ensure that what I was presenting was accurate and relevant. When writing I focused on making the documents easy to understand. Although my audience is stakeholders and company officials, I want to ensure that future co-op students and inexperienced software developers would be able to understand it as well. One of the best ways to do so was by inserting figures. I created charts and diagrams to support the information provided in the documents.

In the first week of the project, Jorryn Yapadi and I developed the game story. This was a guide for the game and outlined all the scenes and dialogues. To help the reader in understanding the story, I created the game flow chart seen below. The main purpose of the chart was for the other members of our team to quickly understand what the game will look like without having to read a lengthy document.

Over the next weeks, I finished the Game Design Document (GDD), Technical Design Document (TDD) and administration documents. I designed charts and graphics to illustrate the process. I experimented with different software to do so, finally landing on Visme for the graphics and Excel for the charts. Two of my favourites are the timeline and Gantt chart.

As the project progressed, we made changes to our plan and vision of the game. Hence, the information in the documents became incorrect and it was my responsibility to update the documents and charts. Every so often, I would read through the GDD and TDD to make the appropriate changes.

Once most of the technical documents were done, I moved on to the animations and art. The first step was to create a pizza oven space. I used Blender for the animation. I used a stock image of fire as the backdrop. In the software, I create the pizza oven, the fire, the pizza pan and the pizza.

However, the team decided to switch the art style and have everything be 2D. I then created the pizza-making station. In Vectornator, I created the following image.

Gantt Chart

The following is a Gantt chart of my work through the six weeks.