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Ighoise Group-2 Summer 2022

My team and I have been hard at work building out a project we refer to as “Pizza: One Two Three”. Its an educational game that intends to teach fractions to a target audience of primary school students. Through our game students will be taught the fundamentals of mathematics and fractions while experiencing the joy of playing through a great game. Currently, the game is on track to completion in the coming weeks.

My Role
A few of my completed tasks include:
– Scripting a Character Dialogue System
– Developing User-Interface Assets
– Implementing fully scalable UI
– Adding scripts for new UI elements
– Quality Assurance
– Debugging

As of the first half of the project much of my work focused around development of various systems. In particular, I put a lot of effort into developing a character dialogue system, a simple level loading system, a audio management system, etc. Many of my implementations did not make it into the final game. However, in the process of developing these elements, I learned a variety of things about Unity and programming in general. As the project progressed it was evident that what our team lacked was a consistent UI design. Therefore, I opted to work on UI creation. Given my inexperience, much of it was a learning process. But I quickly got to the point where I could develop a variety of quality UI elements for the game. Now, nearing the project’s completion, most of my work focuses on enabling the game to scale to variable screen sizes.

Here is a summary of my progress in Gantt Chart Form