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Ismael Ouadria Group-5 Summer 2022

Game Trailer

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Game Overview

The BlockTrain is an educational game designed to introduce high school students to the concept of the block chain. The player takes on the role of an intergalactic space conductor, navigating their train between obstacles to and from various planets. At each station, the player is quizzed on their knowledge of the block chain, following which they are instructed to take pictures of the items in their carts and compare them to a previous picture of the cart. The purpose of taking these pictures is to identify changes in the contents of the cart, much like a genuine block chain.

Game Contributions

  • Thrusters on the Blocktrain during the race scene (follows player around in a trail-like fashion, etc.,)
  • Warp effect whenever a player collects a zero and boosts
  • Asteroid explosions on player-asteroid collisions, different explosions depending on the size and type of asteroid
  • Forest Planet Level Design
  • Water Planet Level Design
  • Desert Planet Level Design
  • Dyson Sphere Level Design
  • Black Hole Level Design
  • Loading transitions, making them smooth and instantaneous whenever a player reaches the end of a specific level

Game Levels & Animations