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Jerry Pan Group-5 Summer 2022 Graphitect

Graphitect: Mathematic City Builder


Game Idea

This game is essentially a combination of picross and graphing; players are given a façade of a puzzle, basic gray outlines, and tasked with writing functions that, when graphed, will overlap these lines. Once complete, this type of building or decoration will be constructed around the city the player can view.

All of these puzzles represent building facades, and players could grow a city over time. These buildings would simply appear in set locations, and could not be moved by the player. As the player progresses, the city grows larger, with different houses, skyscrapers, trees, and other decorations. This gives an interactive, engaging measure of the player’s progress.

Game Screenshots

Buildings and Decorations

Here some examples of buildings and decorations you build in the game.

My Contributions


  • Graphing Component
    • Rendering the lines for the graph
    • Line selection
    • Creating each level with the necessary lines
    • Dynamically changing lines (like Desmos)
      • Handle error cases (e.g. 1/0)
    • Feedback popup
    • Default values for lines
  • Design and Functionality of Menus:
    • Default Menu
    • Blueprints Menu
    • Settings Menu (Volume)
  • GameManager Script
  • Sticking the game together (animations, sounds, graphing, menus)
  • Sound Effects Scripts


  • Created the trailer for the game
  • Playtested and documented bugs
  • Edited and wrote game design and technical design document
  • Set up the GitHub for the project
  • Made the builds for Android and iOS
  • Redesigned levels appropriately

My Project Timeline