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Archi-Build (Architecture/Design)

Our Game involves a client that as a project for a house or even building, and you will need to fulfill

every requirements that are given by the client regarding the number of rooms, the size of the rooms,

the materials of the house, etc. You will a blueprint, then the exterior structure, then the interior and finishing

by design and decorate the interior.

I was in charge of the controls panel where the player could see the controls to play the game. I added a feature

where the player could change the key binds, so that he could customize it has he wants.

I did a Material UI in which the player could see all the materials available in a scroll view. The player could apply the selected material unto a 3D object.

I created and imported a lot of wall materials for the exterior siding and interior paint, so like brick, wood and normal siding. Added a lot of variety so the player has a lot of options to have in the game.

I animated house models so that I could make them functionable. The windows and doors could open.

I added a dialogue system so that we could add real time feedback and interaction between the game and the player. I added all the required script so that the dialogue sentences would appear slowly from left to right, the sentences would be selected from an array of text and when you click a continue button the next sentence appear. We later worked on the dialogue that was going to be implemented in the game and selected scenes where we would need to add dialogue to explain how to play and use the buttons.

I added a level selection scene so that the player could select the level that he wants to play.

I created the clients requirements with an increasing difficulty. The requirements included the number of floors,

the number of rooms per floor, the size of the house and the size of the rooms.

I worked on the point system with some of my team to add more dynamism to the gameplay and add more fun to it. So, we thought about a point system based on how many rooms, objects and materials the player is using and also some points based on the time the player used to build his house and design it. I did a count down timer so that the player would see the time decrease over time and the player see the time remaining, the timer can display minutes and seconds remaining too. Also, we had to brainstorm the value of each components and we figured out that 1000 points per floor, 500 per rooms, 50 per objects and 100 per decoration, and for the system based on time we did so that the player would get 5000 points but if the time goes above 20 min the amount of points decrease following the equation above^.

At this point, below is our game flow according to our gamplay.

This is the icon of our game application. You click on it to start the game.

There you have the main menu. You can select the Play button if you are ready to play or you can go to Settings.

Here is the settings menu, you can control the volume of the game music, and you can see the basic controls of the game too. When you are done you can go Back to the main menu.

After you select Play in the main menu, this is what you are going to see. This is the clients requirements, you will need to follow these to build the house the client desire.

This is the construction site where you will build the house. In this scene, you will build the outline of the house and control the size of the house. If the dimensions don’t follow the requirements you will not be able to continue. When you will be done you can select save to continue to the next step.

This is the Blueprint where you will plan the inside of the house. You will need to add every rooms in the requirement and every floor too. If the dimensions don’t follow the requirements you will not be able to continue. When you will be done you can select save to continue to the next step.

When you are done with the requirements you will need to add stairs and hallways cover at least 95% of the area.

There is also a button that you can toggle to see the outline of the things you have put so far.

This is the object list where you will find every wall, roof and stairs you need to build to make what you did in the blueprint. To make them click Edit button.

There you will need to build the objects according to the requirements and follow the size by X, Y and Z axes.

You can also toggle the camera views between 3D, 2D, Front, Side and Top view. When you are done and the requirements are filled, you can click the Save button.

Here you can see the outside of the house you have just built. If you want to go inside click the Outside button.

Once you are inside you can see in every room you have built. Also, you have the option to change the materials of the walls, roofs and floor.

This is an example of decorations you could have put inside a room and the changes of materials too. When you are done click Complete and you will be done and Congrats for your house.