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Kenny Group-3 Summer 2022


LEARNCITY is a game where the player will construct a city that will advance throughout time with each time period being focused on a certain subject. The subjects that will be explored throughout will be the subjects of science, mathematics, technology, and engineering. Each time periods have mini-games that have been specifically designed with the time periods subject of focus in mind. The player will have to complete each mini-game to reach the end of the level.

Gantt Chart

Structural Modifications to LearnCity!

After all of the redesigning for the mini-games that are of technological and engineering nature, as there were many changes that were made to the overall structure and mechanics of the game during the development, the whole game flow and dialogue for the game had to be revamped.


For this first level, many of its aspect got removed and other got replaced. To list a few:

  1. The addition of a farming system for the player to gain gold coins by cultivating crops, the better the crop, the more money the player gets.
  2. The first tools handed to the player and their use were heavily modified. At the beginning, they were an axe and a shovel made of wood and stone, but now they became a bucket of water and a bag of fertilizer, for the player to keep more of its focus on the farming system.


The second level was entirely redone in terms of structure and mechanics. Now there are houses that have been scattered around the level and it is the player role to go to each of the houses as they get unlocked to complete their challenges and collect their stars to move forward.


For the third era of our game, as it combined two subjects at once we decided to preferably split it into two different levels, a level for each subject. This first level of the modern era follows the same concept as the previous level of the previous era the only significant difference was that instead of houses, the player would have to complete the challenges of cars and trucks to obtain the stars.


This last level of the modern era also follows the same concept as the level of the Imperial Age era, the only significant difference this time was that instead of houses, the player would have to complete the challenges of robots scattered throughout the land of the level to obtain the stars. After obtaining those final stars, the player will receive words and congratulations and gratitude.


The full game is composed of 4 levels in grand total. All of those levels are seperated within 3 different time periods, The Ancient Times, The Imperial Era and The Modern Era and two of those levels will split the Modern Era into two parts. Each level of the game will center itself and challenge the players’ knowledge upon a certain topic meaning that, in sum, the player will have to face multiple types of challenges according to the four topics focused upon by the four levels. There are three types of challenges, all shaped into mini-games, that the player must overcome along his journey to the end of LearnCity. The first type is a somewhat rapid-fire multiple choice quiz in which the player will be asked 5 preset questions in a random order and will have to answer all of them correctly to move on or else they will have to restart the quiz. The second type of mini-game is a filling of the blanks, the player will have to answer a question by inputing into an answer box the correct solution to the question or else they will have to retry the question. The final type of mini-game is a drag and drop in which, depending on its’ objective, certain elements or objects must be dragged and dropped into their proper place or else the player will have to redo the mini-game. Each mini-game has a timer and if the timer reaches zero before the player is able to finish the mini-game, they will need to restart the mini-game. On a final note, in the Ancient Times, as it is the first level, the player will only have to answer some multiple choice quizzes until they achieve their objectives for that era, and as for the following eras after The Ancient Times, the player will have overcome all of the types of mini-games to reach the objectives of the respective era.