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Li ChungHao Group-2 Summer 2022

Pizza One Two Three!

A game APP that teaches kids to learn mathematical fraction.

Pizza One Two Three is a pizza making game designed to introduce fractions to students grades 1-3.  The game focuses on the concepts of making fractions, making equivalent fractions, and time management skills all while maintaining an enjoyable experience for students.  The game also features an endless mode for students to further strengthen their understanding, and a backend server for teachers to track students’ progress.  The goal of the game is to making 900$ over the course of 7 days by serving properly cut pizzas to customers.

My Tasks:

I. Dialogue System

Click anywhere in the scene to skip the typing system and show the full sentence if the sentence is not finished yet. If the sentence is finished, move to the next sentence. The task includes talking mouth(triggered only when the character is talking) and characters float up animation.

II. Money System

Set the amount of money that player in this round based on how much time they spent this round. And in the Start function, add the money player earned so it shows the total amount of money.

III. Timer System

In Update, repeatedly update timer info if the money amount hasn’t reached WIN MONEY yet and the timer starts (trigger by clicking on button).

IV. Slicing System

There are 12 lines as the game object array named “not sliced”, once click on it, its name changes to “sliced”. And it activates the check mark (+) between the 2 clicked lines.

V. Adding Topping System

If the player clicks on hand icon, and then player clicks within the boundary (so player can paint their pizza only, not the whole scene), instantiate the topping (cheese/olives/tomato/green sauce) in the scene. If the player clicks on the spoon icon, then when the player clicks on the toppings, remove the toppings.

VI. Question Order System

Set denominator (parent) and numerator (child) as arrays and then put every possibility into the array. Each round, randomly set the array index. The way to check the answer is to divide the numerator by denominator and then times 360 to get the degree.

VII. Game Test / Quality Assurance

  1. Make sure the game content shows properly on different devices by setting the camera through script.
  2. Modify details of the game to improve it.

Gantt Chart