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Liam Group-1 Summer 2022

Game Title

Game Description

Rocky Blast Off is a level-based serious educational game teaching Newtonian physics. The game is set in space and the player controls a spacecraft that is tasked with reaching objectives. The user will have to demonstrate a strong understanding of Newtonian physics to guide themselves to the objectives with various constraints. The game has 10 levels with the difficulty increasing as the player progresses.

Individual work

At the beginning of the development process, all members of the team designed a user interface to be used in the game. My job was to create the failure and success popup screens that would then be used for every level.
Level 7 of Rocky Blast Off, the player must make small adjustments to avoid an asteroid field and dock safely on the ISS.
The level that I was tasked to work on was Level 7: Got a Problem? Over-Comet. This level challenges the player to make small maneuvers with the spacecraft in order to avoid the large asteroid field, and dock the spacecraft safely on the Space Station.
Adding different views was a great way to create the best player experience. I created a third-person camera to go along with our original first-person camera, so the user can operate the spacecraft with a different view. There is also a rear-camera option that can be used to see certain objects that the spacecraft could be towing in certain levels.


Gantt Chart