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Madhav Divesh Group-3 Summer 2022

My timeline for my CO-OP work in designing LearnCity ;

As a Game Writer and Mini-Games Developer , here are my

Tasks Completed:

  • Research of school Curriculums (Week 2-4)
    Wrote the different game scenarios based on the Ontario STEM curriculums and shortlisted various topics

  • Wrote part of the game scenarios (Week 3-5)
    Created and worked on a sections of a game flow based 
    Added the storyline for all the 4 levels; the different a

  • Coded mini-games in Unity (Week 4-9)
    Coded the main part  of the Multiple Choice mini-game in Unity
    Coded the main part of the Fill in the blanks game in Unity
    Coded the main part of the Drag and Drop game in Unity

  • Implemented design to mini-games (Week 5-9)
    Added the design templates by editing the properties of assets


The player will manage a basic civilization and then upgrade the civilization

throughout the 4 different ages. LearnCity include the STEM concepts.

The levels included in LearnCity are based on Science,Mathematics,Technology and Engineering.

Level 1 :
educates the player about farming, The player can gather resources from the surrounding area and erect a variety of structures. The user can plant a variety of crops. When the crop is harvested, the player receives gold.
Level 2:
educates the player about mathematics. The player can enter various buildings to answer quiz questions about mathematic concepts. The player earns stars while completing a mini-game. The player use the stars to progress to the next house. The mini-games include multiple choice, drag and drop, and fill in the blanks.
Level 3:
educates the player about engineering. The player can move around and enter various cars and answer quizzes about engineering concepts.
Level 4:
educates the player about technology. The player can move around and enter various robots and answer quizzes about technology concepts.

The aim: The player gains knowledge about STEM concepts, Certain technologies needs to be researched to progress to the next era, expand your population, Player can only advance to next civilization if and only if all requirements are achieved.

The player enters a new world and interacts with the environment around him to learn new concepts. AS he evolves through different eras, the questions are harder to solve. However there are hints provided in the mini-games.
The player learns how to farm, build structures and solve mini-games. Those mini-games have to be completed to earn the rewards and go back to the map.

The game can be played on any mobile or tablet. The various options of the game are controlled by tapping on the screen.


Some snapshots taken while playing the game
Here is a teaser of LearnCity

Grow your empire as you wish by learning and gathering resources along your adventure

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