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Mehdi Monerie Group 1 Rocky Blast Off


Our game is a physics based flight simulation game where the player will have to use Newtonian physics to
pilot their craft in a zero gravity environment while avoiding objects and properly accelerating and decelerating their craft. To successfully complete a level the player is required to perform the required docking maneuvers and other tasks, like pulling a net full of ice, without crashing, running out of fuel or oxygen, or overheating.


I have worked on:

I mainly worked on designing and developing the first, second, fourth and ninth level with the help of my colleagues.

I focused a lot of my time on the in game menu, the pause menu, settings and how to play popups. I also implemented the music, and sound effects to the game with the help of Richard who saved me more than once.

I also added to the HUD the distance between the objective and the spaceship as well as the pitch yaw and roll differences between the spaceship and space station.

Gantt Chart: