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Mehdi Monerie Group 1 Summer 2022

About me

My name is Mehdi Monerie, I’m a Software Engineering student at École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) in Montreal. I was born in France and arrived in Montreal at the end of 2015. I started a DEC technique de l’informatique at Cégep du Vieux Montréal. During my internship this summer I’ve been able to learn to use Unity and the programming language C# that I never had the opportunity to practice before.

Project 1 – Rocky Blast Off :

Our game is a physics based flight simulation game where the player will have to use Newtonian physics to pilot their craft in a zero gravity environment while avoiding objects and properly accelerating and decelerating their craft. To successfully complete a level the player is required to perform the required docking maneuvers and other tasks, like pulling a net full of ice, without crashing, running out of fuel or oxygen, or overheating.

Project 2 – Rocky Blast Off :

Our game is a plant growing game about how plants grow and are beneficial to society and the environment. The player can choose the type of seeds they want to plant, how much water they give the plant and the position of the plant. Various challenges affect the development of the plant, like pests and soil nutrients. Can you grow all the types of plants?
There is also a financial aspect to this game. Once crops are ready to be harvested they can be sold and the player earns money based on the plant’s quality. They can spend this money on resources and more seeds to grow more plants. The player’s score is based on the quality of their plants and their income. As a player’s score increases they have access to new plants and farmland.