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Peter Kushinov Group-4 Summer 2022

Game Overview

Anatomy Range is a game designed to teach fifth grade students the organs of the human body. This game presents information in the form of text and videos and then asks student to identify the correct organ from a randomized set of options.

Game Walkthrough

Game Contributions

Organ Focusing

  • Users are able to focus the selected organ to the camera.

  • Users are able to rotate the organ as well as reset its rotation.

  • Users are able to toggle the visibility of a text menu as well as video menu.

Video Player

  • Created an in-game video player that is able to play a video from a dropbox url. This is used to play informative videos to the player.

  • This video player is equipped with a pause/play button, a rewind button, as well as a volume changing slider.

  • Created a video player that is used in the level select menu. The correct videos are preloaded and played when the player requires it.

Quality Assurance Documentation

  • Created a set of quality assurance (QA) documentation including a testing plan and test cases.

Other Contributions

  • Worked on resolving merge errors throughout the development of the game.

  • Applied fixes and updates to various menus and game elements.

  • Added a prompt that ensures that the player knows where to get help if they require it.

Timeline of Tasks Completed

In Game Snippets

Below is a screenshot of the organ focusing script that is used to focus a selected organ in front of the camera. Users are able to drag to rotate the organ as well as reset its rotation.

Below is a screenshot of the in game video player that I have worked on.

Below is an image of the video player that appears on the level select menu.

Below is a screenshot from within the game.

Code Snippets