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Felix Group 6 Summer 2022 Organic-Chem

STEMWorld Group 6 Subgroup 2 Work: Carbons & Bonds

Carbons and Bonds provides a scenario where the student would need to construct a chemical using organic chemistry knowledge. The players will also be introduced to atoms and bonds that are included in organic compounds.
Players will be provided with certain amounts of different atoms(carbon, oxigen, hydrogen), they will need to use proper chains(single chain, double chain, triple chain) to connect all atoms to form a stable organic compound. After building a stable structure, a description of the compound will show up, explaining physical and chemical properties of the compound, as well as an image and application of the compound in real life.
Understanding the structure of organic compounds is one key point in organic chemistry studies. Our game will provide a visual implementation of turning an empirical/molecular formula of an organic compound to its molecular structure. In the process, players will have a deeper understanding about shared chains, saturated outer shell electrons, and isomerism

Main Menu

Play: turn to level selection scene

How to play:  show the game manual

Settings: change game settings

Exit: quit game

Level Selection

This shows the levels for the player to choose. 

Back: helps users to go back to the main menu. 

How to play: Shows the game manual.

How to Play

Gives the whole manual for the user to understand how the whole game is going to work including each button and getting a solid idea about the game.

Game Play

Functionality of each button

HInt: pause or resume the game

Carbon/Oxygen/Hydrogen: select your next created atom

Single/Double/Triple Bond: select your next created bond

Hint: It gives the player hints on how to make the objective given by telling them the number of atoms needed and what kind of bond it should be for the player to construct it.

It also gives three options: Help, Resume, Main Menu.

Switch Mode: Change to Select Mode or Create Mode

Finish Level: When create the level objective, click the button to complete this level

Help Dialogue

The dialogue system provides help for the player to understand how each button in the game works and their functions. It appears at the beginning of the game and also if along the way the player needs to revisit the help dialogue they can do so by clicking on hint and the help dialogue option is there. 

Creating Bonds and Atom

How to create an atom:

  1. press carbon/oxygen/hydrogen button at left
  2. touch the screen, the atom will show up
  3. when touch releases, the atom is created

How to create a bond:

  1. press single/double/triple bond button at right
  2. touch a created atom
  3. touch another atom
  4. the bond will be created between the two atoms you choose

Level Complete Scene

Next Level: Jump to next level

Main Menu: Back to main menu