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Game 1 – ArchiBuild


Explanation of the game

Archi-Build is an architectural/building simulator game, where the user will construct a house filling specific requirements while also using creative input to build their clients dream house. 

The user will go through the process of establishing a region and position on the plot of land to construct the house.

They will then design the house’s structure in a blueprint format.

The user will then build every component required to build the house. 

Once completed the house will be built and the user can then decorate the house by painting walls and floors or add decorative items such as chairs, carpets, desks and more.

Game Synopsis

You are a young architect who just graduated from a prestigious architectural course at a prestigious architectural university
Clients all over the city would like to have their dream houses designed by you
You must build the houses for said clients meeting certain minimum requirements while also using your creativity to add more rooms to the house
You are also tasked with decorating the house once complete with a few common house hold items and paint the walls if you want
Good luck young builder!

Game Views and ScreenFlow

Main Menu

A scene that allows the user to start the game, modify their settings, read the synopsis of the game or quit the game

House Requirements

A Scene that displays all the requirements for the level (Only one level), the user must make a house filling these criterias, but can also add their creative input while designing the house

Construction Scene

In this scene the user must design the base dimensions of the house and where on the plot it will be placed

Blueprint Screen

This scene allows the user to design the layout of every floor by placing rooms and other rooms types (stairways and hallways) and design the house, they must meet the requirements set by the client, but can also add extra rooms, hallways or stairways to their liking. They must at least fill 95% of the area of a floor (subtract stairway area on upper floors) (95% as to allow margins of error if the user doesn’t notice that the rooms are perfectly adjacent (pixel perfect next to each other) )

Object List Scene

This scene displays all the parts of the house that the user must build, which will result in the house being built

Object Modification Scene

This scene is where they model the object into having the right dimensions. They have mutliple ways of viewing the object

Final Scene / Decoration Scene

This is the final scene, the user can view their house from the outside, they can also enter inside each room designed and pan the camera around. While visiting the rooms, they can paint the walls, floors and outside of the house to their liking and also add decoration to the house as they like. They have the ability to add, remove and rotate and move the decorations

Old ScreenShots and Info

The game will start off by allowing the user to enter a username, where the users goal is to become the best architect/builder in the city. The user can then pick a level where they will receive criteria for a house they will have to make. Once they start the level they must design the base dimensions of the house according to criteria. Next they create all the floors they need and create all the rooms necessary on each floor. Once completed they must build all the Objects/Parts of the house by picking an object and resizing it in a seperate scene to the appropriate dimensions. Next the user can decorate the items they want to decorate by adding textures to them. After that the user will have to drag and drop the objects into position to build the house. Last of all the user can decorate the house by placing down house hold items such as couches, fans, desks, etc.

Gantt Chart SS

Added a system to generate the 3D objects in the correct places depending on the room type

Finished the 3D Object generating system

Added a save system that uses almost the exact same system to save the dimensions and positions of the generated 3D objects so that the user can later on make it.

Merged the final scenes, fixed a lot of bugs, fixed the APK and build one of the final Builds for the game



And more scenes

Made the APK