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Game 2 – Circuit Simulator

Circuit Simulation

Explanation of the game

Circuit Simulation is a game about completing and simulating real world circuits, the user will learn how to create circuits based off circuit diagrams with resistors and logic gates, they will also learn about some of the smallest technology in the world, Logic Gates, which power all modern smart electrical devices. They will be able to learn the truth tables/ the logical operations some of the gates do and learn how create useful circuits that can do math operations.

The goal of the game is to learn everything needed to create a simple calculator that can add 2 8 bit numbers (The user won’t build it, but they do build 4 bit calculators)

Game Synopsis

You are a high schooler in grade 12 attending your mundane math and physics classes in the 1960s – 1970s, you get tired of the repetitive additions and subtractions as it is too tediuous and you decide to create a device that can do it for you (a Calculator)

You go home and start to study up on how you could create a device.

Step by step you learn electrical engineering and physics concepts about electricity to build a circuit that can add or subtract numbers using electricity!

After countless days of hard work you create the first pocket sized electrical device that can do math, the Calculator!

Main Menu

Modified the basic design Ahmed made and created the scene for the game, implemented the Flex system I created to make it so that the UI automatically sizes according to values established, that way if the aspect ration or resoltuion varies the game will consistantly react and look the same

Information Scene

Created the Infromation display scene, participated in the research document made for all the info, then created a unique file system to easily extract the information from storage and display a similar page no matter the item, added a turn table for the models so that the user can familiarise themselves with the objects shape

Save System

Created the scene and save system to both create new saves and load existing games

Level Select

Created a scene that contains all levels and once you click on the level it will display the name, subject and a description of what the user will do in the level, once the level is completed it will display the best past results, the user can then press Play Level to play it

Play Level

Created the play level scene, It will display an image of the circuit the user will need to accomplish, the user can then scroll through the list select one of the items, click place and then place it somewhere on the screen, They can then click on the item and then click rotate or remove to do those actions, they can click get requirements to bring up the circuit image if they forget or need clarification. Once the circuit is done they can test/complete it to see if they accomplished the level correctly

Gantt Chart

Created a multiple choice question scene, Ahmed provided the questions, added a point system, made it so that if the user gets the answer wrong it displays a error message and the choice disppears so that they don’t pick the same option again