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Richard Group-1 Summer 2022

Game Title


A Day For Leaf is a game aimed at teaching the user about different plants. From how they grow and what they need to the different kinds of pests and problems they may have. The gameplay is similar to Farmville or Hayday where the player must take care of the plants on their farm, and harvest them before they go bad to gain experience and coins in order to buy more tools, area upgrades, and more seeds to grow. Players can go in-depth into a plants information by checking the in-game encyclopedia once they reach the correct level to unlock the seed.



Early Work Showcasing the Object Grid Snapping
Menu Transition After Initial Loading
Gameplay Trailer

What I have worked on:

Project Organization:

  • Handling of the project on Github.
  • DevOps with branch merging and project recovery.
  • Organization of Development Documents

Artwork and Design:

  • Making around half the plant assets
  • Designing the HUD
  • Making UI assets for the HUD and Main Menu(The menu that drops down)


  • Main menu popup transition.


  • I worked very closely on a few systems:
    • Player Class:
      • How the player class gets interacted with and saves data
    • Player Actions:
      • Tilling – Creates a tilled field if there are enough tools and snaps it to the grid.
      • Planting – Plants the selected seed on the selected field.
    • Saving System:
      • Clearing Feature:
        • Clears all Save information and restarts the game as if it was freshly installed
      • Autosave feature:
        • Saves the game every 15 seconds
        • Activates a saving rotator for the player to know not to quit the game
      • Inventory:
        • Saves all basic information:
          • Seeds
          • Coins
          • Pesticide, Tools, Fertalizer
          • Players Level
          • Players Experience
      • GameObject:
        • Getting every plant’s necessary information to save to a JSON file so it can be loaded with all current states
    • Tutorial:
      • I built all systems for the tutorial having it run the first time the game is run to popup design and progression of the system
    • Audio:
      • Muting all sound
      • Having the ambient sound work only in-game
      • Getting the music to run after a delayed amount of time when the last song ended
    • Plant Class:
      • Designing the way the Plant object was going to work

Gantt Chart