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Game Title


Our game is about piloting a spacecraft using Newtonian physics. The player is tasked with managing their fuel and oxygen to move around in space while also avoiding obstacles that can damage them. The player is scored on the amount of time they spend in each level, and how much health, oxygen, and fuel is used before docking at a space station. It was our goal to make this a realistic movement simulation that was challenging and fun to play, while also allowing the player to learn about physics and spacecraft movement.



I have worked on:

Project Organization:

  • Handling of the project on Github.
  • DevOps with branch merging and project recovery.
  • Organization of Development Documents


  • Main menu popup transitions.
  • Scene transitions.
  • End-level logic.

Object Design:

  • The first test spacecraft.
  • The space station (modelled after the ISS).
  • Main menu scene.
  • Area and gateway markers for the Tutorial.

Level Design:

  • First Test Scene.
  • Level 1.
  • Tutorial Level.
  • Racetrack Level (Was Cut).


  • I worked very closely on a few systems:
    • Scoring.
    • Ship docking.
    • Coded smooth popup animations.
    • Scene transitions and loading screen.
    • Spacecraft movement keybinding/methods.
    • Saving:
      • Score.
      • Settings Preference.
    • Tutorial:
      • Interactive tutorial.
      • Gateways to help the player.
      • Area objective.
      • Visual queues to help the player know what button to press
    • Audio:
      • Linking audio channels to the correct slider variables.
      • Have the audio settings set the sliders to appropriate levels.

Gantt Chart: