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Richard Rufh


Hi My name is Richard Rufh and during my time working at STEMWorld I was a Computer Programming and Analysis student at Georgian College. I came with a background in .NET programming and good knowledge of the Unity Engine. STEMWorld has allowed me to not only further hone my current skills as a programmer from creating design documents to designing and implementing features and classes within a timeframe, but also learn and practice new skills, such as presenting the team project, creating art assets by hand, leadership skills, and project organization. I really wanted to make some unique design choices in each project with the UI, making the game feel a little more alive rather than having nothing but static popups/menus. I also had fun teaching and helping my fellow coworkers with both Unity Engine and art creation. My group created two very different educational games, one being a 3D spaceflight physics simulation game, and the other a laid-back isometric farming game that teaches about the growing process and biography of different plants.

Rocky Blast off Banner

Our first game as a group. Aimed to teach about Newtonian Physics. The Player controls a spacecraft and tries to complete 10 different challenges.

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Our final game as a group. We chose to teach about many different plant types. The play takes control of some farmland and grows their choice of flora.