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Game Motivation

Pizza…One…Two…Three is a 2D game based on teaching/testing the students with knowledge of fractions. It uses simple easy to follow tutorials and UI designs to cultivate student’s interest in learning.

Tasks Completed

  • Set up version control and group collaboration system
  • Created animations when user gets the wrong order
  • Used Netlify and heruko to deploy the game to the web
  • Compiled all the UI together
  • Created timer and money system
  • Worked on the ingredient system
  • Debugged codes backend code
  • Created hover roller cutter
  • mobile development through bluestacks and Unity remote 5
  • Fixed scaling problems

UI Assets Integrated

Timer UI and Money UI

Roller Cutter

UI Scaling

Topping system

Variations of toppings with each new order.

Netlify and Heroku to deploy the game on the web

I used Netlify to host the frontend of the game and Heroku to host backend of the game, both working with a single Git repository. Deploying on Netlify was a simple task, I just imported the git repository and it got deployed on the Web, creating a personal URL. Then I installed the Heroku server and enabled its http-session-affinity feature which gave a special port number to the project. Now I just connected the Heroku Git with my Git repo. Now the problem was it wasn’t using npm install into the repo which was not letting the server to interact properly. So I did quick research and added build packs to Heruko. Then I provided a socket and port to the server which I created in Netlify. And then Voila! the game was deployed on to the web with its own URL.

Gantt chart