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Sicheng Yi Group-3 Summer 2022

Game Overview
Learn city is a city builder game where the player will manage a basic civilization and then upgrade the civilization throughout the 4 different ages. The player can build buildings to manage population and resources. Also the player will gain problem solving skills and knowledge about SETM topics through the quizzes in each level. The player can control a character to explore the map of each level.


Level 1 teaches player about agriculture, The player can collect resource from the environment and build various buildings. The player can plant various types of crops and observe the growth cycle of each crop. The player is rewarded gold when the crop is harvested. There is a tools system that allow the player to water and fertilize the crops. There is a building system that allows the player to freely place buildings in the map. There is a progression system that unlocks the next level when the player meets certain requirements.

Farm UI
Tools system
Building system
Progression system

Level 2 teaches the player about mathematics. The player can walk around the map and go into various buildings to answer quiz questions about mathematic concepts. The player is awarded stars after a building has been completed. The player can use the stars to progress to the next level. There are multiple question types such as multiple choice, drag and drop, and fill in the blanks.

Level 3 multiple choice quiz

Level 3 teaches engineering. Similar to level2, the player can walk around and enter various cars and answer quizzes about engineering concepts.


Level 4 teaches technology. Similar to level3, the player can walk around and enter various robots and answer quizzes about technology concepts.

Level 4 fill in the blank quiz

Tasks Completed

  • Game Logic programming for all 4 levels
  • Farm building programming
  • Player movement with pathfinding
  • Integration of player animation
  • Integration of quiz scenes for level 2, 3, 4
  • Integration of sound effect
  • Bugfixes throughout development
  • programmed and build scenes for multiple choice quiz
  • prepare and build the project for android and IOS testing