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Treasure hunt and Learn City

Learn City

The name of the game is LearnCity. This game is basically based on civilizations. It has 4 levels of civilizations. A player will play the game along with the tasks and challenges to finish the game. The educational questions and activities comprise the tasks and challenges. In the very first level, players will learn about farming and the crop cycle. In the second level, they will learn about math and solving equations, finding ratios and statistical things. In the third level, players will learn about the engineering aspect, where they will learn about infrastructure and answer the multiple choice questions. In the last level, players will play games regarding technology; they will learn about parts of the computer, basic binary codes, etc.

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The game starts with the main menu. Player can hit play button and can select the difficulty level as per their conform level. The main focus of the game is to learn cartesian coordinate system when on the top player will see the co ordinate in the form of (x, y) and player has to find the exact location and find the hidden treasure at that point. If player are not sure about the finding location player can select the easy mode where we have map in which player can see the bright spot on the map where they can know where is the exact location for the treasure. In medium difficulty we have the map but does not provide the bright spot. Player has to go to the location by following map with help of live location of the player. In hard difficulty level player will just have the map but will not have a live location support system they have to make an observation of their surroundings and have to assume and find the treasure.

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