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Yi Shu Group-5 Summer 2022

Game Idea

The Block Train is a game to simulate the blockchain working principle. The goal of this game is solve different puzzle in each palnet. We have 6 level in all and each level will be a different planet, and each palnet will have a special puzzle game for player. After player finishing the puzzle, the NPC in station will allowed play to add one more cart to the train. Then, player can continued the game to the next planet.

Tasks Completed

  • Generated Ideas of improving the game
  • Helped to fix the bugs inside the game
  • Created NPC model for the Game
  • Imported game object from Asset Store
  • Built different game stuffs model
  • Set the background for a planet
  • built the environment for a planet
  • Added background music for main menu
  • Added environment sound effect for each planet

Gantt Chart

This part of code is used to generate foot step sound when player moves.

FootSound Generator

These are the modes I used to practice.